Apparels & Fashion Accessories

Apparels & Fashion Accessories

India - Stitching the Future of Apparels
“The nearly 100 billion USD Indian apparel market is expected to have an annual CAGR of 3.34% in the period 2023-27. Women's apparel constitutes the largest share with 45% valued at approx 44 billion USD. Various products include men’s and women’s apparel in a variety of stylish and colorful Indian ethnic wear as also western outfits and denim clothing covering value, premium, super-premium & luxury. Scroll below to locate your preferred products in a diverse range of apparel and readymade garments contract manufacturing companies from India.
“Industry Experts connects Indian Manufacturer with Global Buyers.”

India figures prominently in the global apparel and fashion accessories scenario. With an export of 16.2 billion USD and a growth of 34% over 20-21 of readymade garments alone from India in 2022-23, Indian apparel finds its way to markets in USA, European Union, parts of Asia and Middle East. Indian textiles and apparel exports are expected to touch 82 billion$ in 2021-22 with a CAGR of 12% over the previous three years.

Industry Experts presents above a diverse range of apparel and readymade garments manufacturing companies in India. These men’s and women’s apparel manufacturers are engaged in the manufacture of a variety of stylish and colourful Indian Ethnic wear as also Western outfits. Denim clothing manufacturers are also featured prominently above.

With the government placing substantial emphasis on technology advancement, the manufacture of such apparel involves the use of high technology machines capable of diverse apparel manufacture as well as high quantity levels suitable for contract manufacture over sustained periods.

Customization and special manufacture including contract manufacture and private labelling is well adopted for exports to international buyers. Featured above are a wide array of garments including tops and bottoms of various fabrics, denim clothing, stolls and shawls, etc. as also fashion accessories.