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The key to expanding your business does not alone lie in your making investments in your infrastructure, but in expanding your B2B sourcing by identifying contract manufacturing or service provider companies that can add to your revenues. India has a vast B2B sourcing base that is home to contract manufacturing companies that are at par with global manufacturing companies but at a fraction of global costs. Industryexperts is a B2B Sourcing platform that helps you with Sourcing from India and connects you Indian manufacturing companies across a wide spectrum of goods and services. Doing business to business sourcing from India has many advantages, one of them being that Indian companies are well versed with International quality norms. India also has a logistics and technology advantage. Manufacturing companies are well served with an excellent network of rail and road that connects them to ports or international airports or dry ports. The booming IT infrastructure in India gives an edge to both as far as communications and sharing of information is concerned. Industryexperts is the business to business Sourcing platform that connects you with all these advantages that can help you grow your business.