Gems & Jewellery

Gems & Jewellery

With the Government of India setting an ambitious target of $100 billion in gems and jewellery exports by 2027, the industry is poised for tremendous growth. As a result, the contract manufacturing segment is set to boom, offering numerous opportunities for jewellery manufacturers across various niches.

Fashion-conscious people globally like imitation or costume jewellery. Imitation jewellery, made from base metals, glass, and beads, is cheaper and more fashionable than fine jewellery. Indian replica jewellery makers can create exquisite pieces that seem like precious jewels and metals, letting you enjoy the elegance of jewellery without breaking the bank.
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Indian custom jewellery makers innovate for unique and personalized creations. They may make custom jewellery that matches your style. Indian custom jewellery manufacturers have something for everyone, from exquisite gold and diamond pieces to modern creations employing alternative materials.

Recently, synthetic gemstone and non-precious metal jewellery has become trendy. It offers inexpensive, trendy accessories for numerous situations. Indian artificial jewellery makers create trendy items that follow worldwide fashion trends.

The other big news in the industry is the increasing popularity of Lab Grown Diamonds. India has emerged as a major production hub for LGDs. According to GJEPC reports, LGD exports for the first two months of FY'23 increased by 45 percent to INR 12,500 Crores from INR 8,719 Crores last year.