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Uttar Pradesh, India

Manufacturer and exporter of all types of leather saddlery goods industrial safety gloves and many custommise articles

Established 2010

Company Description

Lari Industries is a well known manufacturer of harness leather, equestrian goods, safety items and hard leather goods. The company takes pride in being amongst the handful of manufacturers and in house craftsman and artisans working with medieval products of leather ,horn, bones and metal for markets in Europe, particularly Germany. The products find favour at Wikingers and other European retailers.

Lari Industries manufactures following products in Leather

Breastplate Breastplate
Car Seat Covers Car Seat Covers
Carpet Carpet
Chains Chains
Full Grain Leather Full Grain Leather
Gloves Gloves
Harness-Travel Accessories Harness-Travel Accessories
Headstall Headstall
Holsters Holsters
Horse Boot Horse Boot
Horse Rug Horse Rug
Instrument Straps (Such as a Guitar Strap) Instrument Straps (Such as a Guitar Strap)
Knife Sheaths Knife Sheaths
Leash Leash
Martingale Martingale
Mats Mats
Military Belts Military Belts
Military Boots Military Boots
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
Muzzles Muzzles
Nubuck Leather Nubuck Leather
Saddle Saddle
Saddle Pad Saddle Pad
Saddlery Saddlery
Saddles Saddles
Suede Suede
Top Grain Leather Top Grain Leather

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