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Uttar Pradesh, India

Hidayat International - specialising in upcycling and reworked leather

Established 2021

Company Description

Founded in 2021 in the Leather City of Kanpur, India., Hidayat International Private Limited specialises in upcycling/reworked clothing. This concept was already being worked upon by them in their small scale manufacturing workshop wherein upcycling of leather apparel (coats, skirts and pants) to jackets and marketing the upcycled jackets in the local leather jacket market of Kanpur.

Hidayat manufactures sustainable upcycled leather jackets for their sustainability conscious partner brands. Hidayat also manufactures these jackets for thrift clothing businesses who want to add reworked jackets to their collection. The jackets manufacture by Hidayat are ideal for both sustainability conscious brands and for thrift stores since these are manufactured in multiple quality types. The jackets for brands can have the best quality leather while the thrift businesses can get more affordable but good quality leather in their products.

Hidayat emphasizes that their product is totally unique and one of a kind categorizing under 'Sustainable Fashion' - a booming category.

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