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Uttar Pradesh, India

Specialist manufacturer of products for finishing process of Shoes and other products of Leather

Established 2017

Company Description

Established in 2017, IECA International provides technical support and quality products for applications in the finishing process for leather shoes and other leather goods. A professionally qualified team having considerable experience in various shoe and leather goods industries aided by an advisory board with over 2 deaces experience alongwith a well equipped R & D and an ISO certified manufacturing facility, IECA International also renders technical services in India and overseas for Shoe finishing and Leather goods finishing segments. The range of products includes Self Shine and Drushable creams, Marking cream & cleaners, Touch cream, Replant Nubuck and Suede reviver, High Gloss Dressings, Edge Paint, Dye colours and Wax Bars.

iECA manufactures following products in Leather

Leather finishing products Leather finishing products

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