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Billboards on the roadside have always been around for more than a century. Despite the influence of social media platforms, billboard advertising is still a very crucial and effective way of reaching millions to by-passers. However, if you are one of those willing to invest in a massive sum in the form of a high rise billboard ad, you would want to ensure it becomes a success. But how do you do so? Here is where Beryl India comes to play.

We at Beryl India Follow 5 Distinct Billboard Designing Rules When Formulating Billboards for Our End Audience:

- Get Your Story on Point

In case your billboard is set on the highway side where individuals usually speed up, then a design with no story will not be memorable. To get a story, we think about one thing that you want the people to notice & take away from the advertisement.

- Ensure to Keep It Sweet, Safe and Short

Average drivers or people ravelling in cars just have about 5-10 seconds for viewing the billboard design & reading the text & then comprehending what message is being conveyed. In those few seconds, the people in the car or the driver can glance from the

street to the billboard and then back to the street based on the traffic severity. This is much less viewing time than your ad gets. Thus, one of the crucial rules we follow is to keep the message extremely short. The words used in the billboard can be up to 7 words and not more.

- Be Loud

Larger than life layouts are what we focus on. We ensure the text inserted in your billboard is clean, bold and readable. Moreover, larger fonts lead to easy readability from a far distance.

- Be Colourful

We ensure to use bright colours and bold images to effortlessly attract the eyes of those passing by the billboard. Those colours that are contrasting and within the design also create a higher impact that assists facilitate retention of the imparted message.

- Check Your Map

For those still in need of a fun story for their billboard, we may consider factoring in the location where the brand’s design will get displayed & make an efficient effort to use the surroundings of the location to bring forth a clever message.

Thus, contact Beryl India instantly if you are one of those searching for high-end billboard designs. We are sure to come up with attractive, unique and revenue-generating ideas.

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