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You certainly must have heard about what brand books are. And you may still be unsure as to from where you should start to create yours? Or you might be wondering as to whether it is worth even having one at all & whether it can get any value to your business?

With Beryl India, you can rest assured that we cover all crucial aspects of a completely successful brand manual & work efficiently at designing and creating your brand book, including features like colour palette & logo and informational and communicational elements which are centred around brand voice and identity.

Do All Brands Require A Brand Book?

It’s a definite yes! No matter how huge or small your business is, a brand book assists in keeping things highly structured for the employees/colleagues & reflects the most complete & personal image of the brand to their end audience.

Brand books help keep things completely clear for the designers, be it a new joinee or those working in the business for long & enables them to refer to the nitty-gritty of colours, fonts, logos at the time of designing the site or creating any kind of additional style elements. Moreover, it assists the marketing team to understand what kind of language requires being used, when & how, and also the story that the brand requires to narrate.

This even assists in creating an in-depth connection with the end audience as they get a more detailed and coherent brand image, which reminds them that they are living, developing entities and completely dynamic with their own voice and personality.

For Those Not Aware of What A Brand Book Is. Here Is A Brief Summary of It.

Simply put, a brand book is an outline of a brand's goal, image & core value. Above all, the brand's identity is a DNA blueprint with vivid details ranging from general info to info on the brand's purpose, intricate nuances, specifics as per fonts and colour schemes. With all of such components combined, a comprehensive brand manual tends to provide customers and staff with a thorough vision of the company and their product.

Every big name brand comes with a brand book, may it be Google, Apple or Pepsi. However, even smaller-scale brands tend to benefit if they have one. We at Beryl India aim at providing a successful brand book designing to those reaching us for one. Our brand book derived by our experts basically consist of the listed aspects:

Brand name

Background about the brand, ethos & mission/purpose


Brand logos and their variations

Colour scheme

Sizes, fonts & style variations

Images which reflect the brand & even give good examples as to what images can get used in a brand's marketing strategy.

Brand communication style & language (For instance, informal or formal, appealing or emotional, cool or withdrawn)

Contact team Beryl India to discuss your requirements for brand book designing and also discuss the rates!

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