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The front office's reception area establishes the first impression to anyone who walks into the office. The look of the front office is the first form of communication that an organization makes on the vendors, clients, employees, & visitors. We at Beryl India make good attempts at carefully crafting the area to make it look professional, functional, yet stylish. Numerous design components and elements like material, colour, layout & branding tend to make a statement about a company's values. Team Beryl India ensures to factor it in when planning every detail of the front office design. Here are the crucial factors we consider when designing the front office of a company:

Ensure the Reception Area Appears Positive and Refreshing

While ideating a front office design plan, we investigate the reception area thoroughly while keeping in mind the company's vision and mission. We do so to determine the organisation's look and feel to display in their front office area. We make sure to present such a style that aims at catering to the people's tastes who would frequently be present in this space. We work around coming up with a creative, sleek, imposing, and cosy front office design.

Choose A Colour Scheme

We choose the right colour scheme for the front office design. Our choice usually is based on the colour scheme that the organisation's logo has and other aspects that the organisation adheres to. Apart from that, we generally tend to use light neutral & earth tones as they are versatile & can simply blend in with a huge variety of furnishing options. Such colour themes are great options for wall coverings, carpeting & window treatments. Also, we tend to opt for concentrated materials like chrome, glass, tile, acrylic for a modern look.

Place the Reception Desk in The Centre

We make sure that the reception desk becomes the lobby's centre piece. When selecting the reception desk, we look for originality and eye-catchy designs that can make a statement on behalf of the organization. This setup can be facing towards the company's entry door for a friendly atmosphere and immediate greeting to the people walking in. For those looking for a formal setup, we tend to orient at the door's angle and ensure that we meet their expectations in the space of front office design.

Attain A Cohesive Look and Feel

When designing the front look of your office, we even select the material for all the major furnishings to attain a highly cohesive appearance. Durability, comfort, & visual appeal are crucial factors for the reception furniture. We invest in wear-resistant fabric for those businesses that are not willing to invest in leather. We choose wood laminate instead of steel for those required to fill credenza in the reception area as they have a warmer appeal.

Add-in Tables & Chairs Thoughtfully

We calculate the number of chairs that the visitors and clients would require on an extremely busy day. We add in 1 to 2 small tables for arranging the chairs in clusters. We even locate specifications for every item of the furniture set & check them against several measurements on blueprints while ideating the front office design.

Lower Visible Clutter

We plan in advance how one can lower visible clutter while coming up with the front office design. For instance, we use low shelving under the reception desk for housing basic office equipment & various other crucial items. We even ensure to add in a rack for the raincoats, coats & stand for umbrellas and make the area look neat and tidy.

Add in Finishing Touches to Reception Area

We ensure to finish the touches of the reception area by placing a logo on the door, in front of the reception area and on the wall behind this. We keep the art displays elegant & tasteful by adding in a few motivational posts related to the work area.

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