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It is often stated that lighting is not just an art but a work of engineering. There are various guiding principles to lighting designs, which can engage individuals in conversation, which begins with application requirements &finishes with equipment sales. 

We at Beryl India do realize the necessity of having well-thought lighting design services to meet the requirements of end-users. Therefore, our lighting design services cover a wide range of lighting solutions for home, personal space, office, retail spaces, and all other types of commercial places. 

However, before elaborating on the factors we consider to provide a perfect lighting design, let us discuss what lighting can actually do.

What Can Lighting Do?

Light can be bought at the lowest possible price. However, lighting is a business asset, which one must consider carefully before investing in the correct equipment and design.

A huge majority of our world impressions come through our eyes & light is crucial to our vision. Light, thus, is a medium through which many individuals perceive the exterior world. Lighting is the application of light to certain spaces. Lighting can impact visibility, satisfaction, safety, task performance, sales, security, atmosphere, mood, social interaction and aesthetic judgement. 

We at Beryl India come up with customized lighting designs to reveal a story regarding space. The story we create will surely stay focused on the right aspect. Our lighting design solutions revolve around high-end products, discounts, and other aspects that the business intends to sell for commercial places. 

We at Beryl India factor in the following when deciding on the lighting design:


For a specific object to get perceived as a specific colour, that colour should be present both in the object & the content of light striking over it. Most of the designers are usually concerned about the colour appearance, colour fidelity or just colour than the ideal sources. However, at Beryl India, we evaluate the proposed metric capturing saturation. Because changes in CRI, CCT and saturation have a great impact on how an individual, object or spaces appear, which further enhances or mutes or distorts the colour.


Human eyes are attracted towards the brightest area in the field of view. By concentrating on a higher light intensity on specific features regarding space, the Beryl India lighting design team can make them complete focal points, directing great attention to them & even establish visual hierarchy. For instance, we can promote key merchandise displays just by concentrating a higher light intensity on them.

Space Perception

Patterns of light in space can stimulate psychological responses. For example, suppose bright uniform lighting and lightly placed on the wall and ceiling can make space look visually larger. On the other hand, lower intensity lighting with slightly less lighting perimeter can result in intimate feelings. Our experienced lighting design team makes sure to work on every aspect to come up with the best designs and tell the story your business intends to communicate with the target audience. 

Contact team Beryl India today and discuss your requirements for lighting design solutions.


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