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We at Beryl India provide jewellery,eyewear & watch design servicesat affordable pricing. If you are looking for a professional team of designerswho will offer you dedicated services, then team Beryl India is where youshould come. Our design team comes up with unique and beautiful jewellery,eyewear and watch designs with an aim to please the user. 

When it is about creating beautiful, attractive and stylishjewellery, there are a lot of points to consider rather than just finding theright material/product and deciding on how you should put them together. Manyother factors are - how affordable is the product & how comfortable itfeels when worn by the customer.

Here Are Some of The Factors We Consider While Ideating AJewellery, Eyewear and Watch Design Project

When beginning with the process of jewellery, eyewear & watch design, a crucial thing we do at Beryl India is considerwho will wear it once the product is complete. Few things we consider beforedesigning such products are:

Personal Preferences

Preferences of every individual in terms of material. Forinstance, a vegetarian individual might not be comfortable wearing beads fromhorn or animal bone, and those who are vegan might not want to wear suede orleather material.


The lifestyle of the person is another important factor weconsider before coming up with a piece of specific jewellery, eyewear & watch design. In case they lead an active lifestyle or haveactive work or job with kids, they might not have much of a chance oropportunity to wear huge, delicate products.


Many people have sensitivities or allergies to any material type.There are few sensitive and highly allergic individuals to a few metals &nickels that are added to the product in their making.


Personal taste of the individual. Few people might love wearingbright chunky eyewear, jewellery and watches, while others might just want asubtle colour.


When ideating jewellery, eyewear and watch design, we tend toconsider what the finished idea looks like. Affordability is what we factor inwhen designing the product.

Age of The Wearer

When designing products – jewellery, eyewear and watch design, fewage groups might require special consideration. For instance: the elderly orchildren might prefer lightweight, elastic, plastic products to do not requireworrying about any fiddly fasteners. Parents might even prefer to avoid buyingmore costly materials like semi-precious/precious stones in kid’s wear productsbecause they might be more likely to get broken or lost.

Special Requirements

Those with difficulty using their hands might prefer chunky andsolid jewellery, watches & clasps that are simpler to work and grasp. Here,we tend to use a magnetic clasp for such individuals. Memory wire & elasticare even good choices for the clasp in the case of jewellery and watches.

Contact team BerylIndia if you want to go for somenew, unique, yet stylish jewellery,eyewear & watch design. Weassure you that you will get the best rate for the most astounding designs ofproducts under this category. 

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