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Baby products are designed with three specific concepts in mind; their beauty, usage and safety. Babies enjoy playing with products that offer them the delicate balance of fun and comfort. Beautiful products attract young children, and they prefer picking up and playing with stuff that comes in bright colors.

However, the question we often come across is, how safe are baby products?

Babies and toddlers do not understand the aspect of safety. However, looks, comfort, and ease of usage motivate them to catch hold of a product, play with it, and stay entertained with the object. Young children are very much prone to getting hurt easily, and utilization of the right product can ensure safety. 

On the contrary, adults often look for unique, childproof, useful, eco-friendly, and aesthetically designed products so that their children are attracted to them and utilize them as well.

We at Beryl India offer baby’s, kid’s & children’s products design while considering its usage and aesthetic appeal. We aim at pleasing the adult buyers as well as maintaining the attention of the rapidly growing child. We also factor in the aspect of the emotional attachment of a child towards a particular product so that they build a bond with the object and also remain entertained while utilising the things.

Children’s interaction with products is an essential aspect of product designing. Be it toys or other daily useful objects such as plates, spoons, water bottles, we design all products so that children can interact with the object and bond well with it. We aim to keep our product designs aesthetically beautiful so that children get attracted to them and eventually use the items in their daily lives. 

Aspects We Consider While Designing Products for Babies, Toddlers, And Young Children




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How Beryl India Designs Products for Babies and Children?

We design each object after conducting thorough research about the end-users (babies and children) and also the adult buyers. Physical models and shapes of products play significant roles in appealing to adults as well as attracting children to grab the object and use it. And finally, we follow the testing approach to ensure that it is childproof and they do not get hurt while using the product. 

Contact us today if you want to check out the design portfolio of baby products. We are open to any discussion for new product designs and their manufacturing aspects.

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