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West Bengal, India

Leading manufacturer of hand crafted soft toys.

Established 2000

Company Description

Established in 2000, Roy Toys works with a mission of being“true friends for kids and teenagers”. Roy Toys aims to enrich the childhood and remember it as their happiest play days of children by providing the best quality and totally hand crafted soft toys to the children.
Roy Toys is one of the top soft toys’ manufacturer and bulk supplier in India and offer a variety of soft toys which are also baby skin friendly.

Roy Toys manufactures following products in Toys

Mini Figurines and Playsets and Accessories Mini Figurines and Playsets and Accessories
Plush Plush


Baby Dog  
Rabbit Teddy  
Sitting Cat  
Huggable Long Panda  
Huggable Penguin Teddy  
Panda Standing  

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