Learning Toy Book (Animal 1)
Toy Book (Animal 1)
Toy Book (Animal 1)
Toy Book (Animal 1)

Toy Book (Animal 1)

Product Information

This is an animal toys set for kids. This set provides five different Zoo animal toys. Each  3d animal toy can be made with given instructions and body parts. This is the best Learning toy for growing kids.
This is a beautiful puzzle set, which a child can play with a lot of interest. Each animal comes with specific information about its habitat food and other habits.
When a child is involved in making these animals.it becomes very easy for them to learn because of associative learning. Children can retain this information forever.
The entire animal planet toy zoo set can be made step by step. These toys can be made multiple times.

Toy Book

Children can try to assemble them in different ways.
It is designed to learn coordination and develop the cognitive ability of a child.
The objective is to teach sequencing and learning about different animals.
Each STEM toy does not come with an animal Learning  toy story, but
child-centric information is provided and it tells
About their food and habitat and other interesting information about them. It serves as a DIY educational kit and learning toy for kids.
A Toy by Indian Toy Manufacturing company

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