Wooden Toys Wooden Toy Guns 3 Shot Toy Gun
Wooden Toy Guns 3 Shot Toy Gun
Wooden Toy Guns 3 Shot Toy Gun

Wooden Toy Guns 3 Shot Toy Gun

Toy Guns 3 Shot Toy Gun
Product Information

These wooden toy guns can be practiced for target shooting. this wooden toy gun launches rubber bands. which makes them unique. you will never short of bullets. you can replenish with a packet of rubber bands. These guys are the most favorite toy gift available in the market the feeling of toy gun like real.
These toy guns have a range of about twenty feet.
One can set its shooting range in his or her home. this toy is suitable for all age group
This wooden toy gun is a beautiful replica of an 3 Shots.
It is a well-crafted piece of decoration with all the functionality of a toy gun. if you have a love for guns, you can consider these wonderful toys as a piece of household decoration
Hang it like a trophy. These guns are best to break the monotony and boredom of life.
worldwide Guns are the most loved toy, this is the most amazing fact that guns are the most engaging toys for kids. though STEM toys are the most favored toys by parents children love some more fun. Parents love to spend money on STEM learning toys as a value-for-money proposition.
These gun toys are beautiful handmade pieces of(art) toy. children will love to hold it in their hands.
Quality  – made from engineered wood. Materials are recyclable and safe. Our rubber band gun is the safest and most entertaining among all 3d wooden puzzles for kids and adults.
Ready to play and shoot: No messy instructions
A toy by Indian toy manufacturing company.

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