Accessories (Mesh / Tray Etc.) I Chroma II Immune Assay Analyzer
I Chroma II Immune Assay Analyzer

I Chroma II Immune Assay Analyzer

Product Information

Model I Chroma II Portable Immune-Assay Analyzer
Instrument Name Immunoassay Analyzer
Brand Boditech
Automation Semi Automatic
Detection Method Immone flurocense technology
Parameters Cardic,Hormone,Diabetic,Cancer,Infection and Vitamin D special Paratmeter etc,.
User Input Touch,Mouse & Keypad
Type Portable, Bench-top
Assays Metabolic, Inflammation, Bone Metabolism, Allergy, Sepsis, Autoimmune, Hepatitis, Cardiac, Special ID, Anemia, Thyroid, Diabetes, Cancer, ToRCH
Sample Type CSF
Sample Volume range 10-100
Display Digital
Sample Capacity 42
Time to first result 15
Reagent System Closed
Results Storage 1000
Power Supply 200-240
Display Type Color touch screen
Memory 4GB upto 128GB
Multiple Reading 30T/ hour
Sample Required whole blood,serum,plasma
Warranty 1
Weight 1.3
Sample Volume 5ul to 150ul
Application Hospital
Sample Clot & Bubble detection No
Compatibility Yes
Automatic Repeat & Dilution Required Yes

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