Quickem Mini - 100
Quickem Mini - 100

Quickem Mini - 100

Product Information

Automation Fully Automatic
Instrument Name Biochemistry Analyzer
Brand Quicklab
Usage/Application Hospital
Model Name/Number Quickem Mini 120
Parameters All biochemistry and turbi tests
Assays Clinical Chemistry
Power Supply 230Volt
User Input Touch
Reaction Cuvette Reusable Cuvette
Test Method Endpoint, Two point, Kinetic and Turbi
Display Digital
Features 54 Reagent position, onboard cooling and washing
Water Consumption/Hr 1.5L
Reagent Consumption/Test 100 to 350ul
Wavelength 8 Wavelengh
Sample Volume 0.1 to 50ul
Throughput 120 Test per Hour
Number Of Reagent Positions 54
Photometric Range 0.0001 to 4.000Abs
Number Of Cuvettes 81
Analysis Method Random, STAT
Voltage 220
Frequency 50Hz
Wattage 120W
Memory Of Tests Results 500000
Power 120VA
Calibration Single and Multi

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