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At every step, during the journey from the initial inception of a design to the culmination as the final product, our master Indian craftsmen work diligently and creatively to produce a truly resplendent article for our customers. Wildleo commenced with Men’s leather belts which were perfectly handmade by the finest Indian craftsmen. Based in Uttar Pradesh, India, WILDLEO provides 100% genuine leather-wear and accessories handcrafted to perfection. All our products are ‘Made-In-India’ using our patented dip dye technologies and innovative wash procedures consequently providing an unmatched look to our products. Wildleo unites fine Indian craftsmanship with time-honored designs, bringing pieces to life that emanate classic heritage and refined creation. With an employee strength exceeding 100, Wildleo has its own integrated manufacturing unit and engages experienced manufacturers and industry experts thus helping to test proprietary production techniques and fully develop and commercialize the innovative products.

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