Company Overview

For long as 28 years in the industry, we have accomplished and achieved beautiful relation among the clients we served. Our researches, testing analysis and assessing skills have dealt with. Specialized in producing glass thermometer for industries and lab testing mercury and red alcohol filled in all ranges, IP and ASTM standard specification thermometers, hydrometers, dairy measuring instruments. Digital measuring such as anemometer, hygrometers, lux meter, psychrometer, refractometer, thermocouple meter, infrared thermometer, probe type, TDS and pH meter. Manufacturing of pressure gauges, industrial thermometer (Sika type, inclusion type, refrigeration, railway, tobacco barn thermometer), Room/Wall thermometer, Dry & Wet thermometer, Dial thermometers. Also crafting glassware for lab in borosilicate glass(tubes, beakers, flasks, pipettes etc.) and deals in Borosil glassware. Labware items Oven & BOD Incubators, hot plate, autoclaves, water bath, cabinets, distillation units, bomb calorimeter, machineries for lab tests. Company is aimed at primary motive to keep our clients as well as the end user satisfied with the quality standards and services provided.

Output Capacity
10,000 Pieces/Month
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