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New Delhi: Swedish automotive major Volvo Group on Thursday announced the launch of its first 'green casting' developed and sourced from India that will be used for its engines globally. The green castings from India will include bearing caps and bearing housing for select Volvo engines, and this is the first step, the group said in a statement.

It further said these castings will be produced by Brakes India, utilising scrap, alloys, and raw materials that are 100 per cent radioactive elements free. It involves recycling 100 per cent metallic scrap generated by other industries to manufacture a usable product.

The plant will operate on 100 per cent green power from solar and wind energy, it added.

"When fully adopted, the potential reduction in CO2 per year due to green castings would amount to 0.86 million tons for Volvo and 210 million tons for the industry (assuming the industry adopts this approach)," the group said.

This is a significant step as India is a key source for Volvo Group's global casting requirements, and also the country has a significant share of the global casting demand, it added.

Commenting on the development, Volvo Group India President and Managing Director Kamal Bali said, "India is a home base for the Group and we not only 'Make in India', but also design, process, sell and source from India to the world".

In line with the group's global sustainability targets and ambitions, he said, "Our aim is to create an environment that is safe and sustainable for future generations - while being immersed in advanced technology that goes into making world-leading commercial vehicles. Green Casting has the potential to kick-start a revolution in the casting manufacturing process for a sustainable future".

Commercial Production of these green castings will start this month, the statement said.