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BENGALURU: Biocon Biologics, a subsidiary of Biocon, have partnered with Voluntis to develop and distribute digital therapeutics supporting people with diabetes on biologics therapy.

The licensing agreement, signed between Biocon Biologics’ subsidiary Biocon Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia and Voluntis, would make Biocon Biologics one of the first insulin companies to offer a US Food and Drug Administration-cleared and CE-marked, digital therapeutic product - Insulia - to Type 2 diabetes patients across several markets in the world, said Biocon in a press release.

Insulia provides automated insulin dose recommendations enabling people with diabetes to self-manage their condition and healthcare teams to remotely monitor progress.

Once developed, the Insulia digital companion will be offered to people with Type 2 diabetes using Biocon Biologics’ insulins. “Going forward, by extending the Insulia platform to its complete range of insulin products, including Recombinant Human Insulin, Insulin Glargine and Insulin Aspart, Biocon Biologics will create a comprehensive digital therapeutics portfolio for patients,” said the company.
Insulia is said to be the first digital therapeutic with regulatory clearance to provide automated titration recommendations for all types of basal insulins. The demand for at-home treatment and telemedicine solutions is increasing dramatically around the world, with select healthcare systems offering reimbursement for patients eligible for digital therapeutic solutions, said Biocon.