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Triveni Engineering & Industries on Monday said it has signed a 10-year business agreement with GEAE Technology USA to locally manufacture the 'LM2500' gas turbine base and enclosure.

The LM2500 is the chosen propulsion gas turbine by the Indian Navy for many of its surface combatant vessels. It has power ranging from 25 MW to 35 MW and has been in service with over 40 navies globally, the company said in a statement.

Under the agreement, GEAE Technology USA has licensed Triveni to locally manufacture the LM2500 gas turbine's base frame, acoustic enclosure, and lubricating oil skid and supply other source-controlled accessories that go into the LM 2500 gas turbine enclosure assembly, it added.

Commenting on the partnership, Triveni Engineering & Industries Vice Chairman and Managing Director Tarun Sawhney said, "Currently, Triveni is working towards providing critical technology and engineered solutions on multiple fronts to the Indian Navy and Indian Defence industry. This agreement is another major step towards indigenisation of LM 2500 gas turbine and accessories in line with the 'Make in India' policy of the government of India".

"We believe this arrangement is a major step in bringing the high-end technology indigenously to the Indian Defence as part of a long-term plan, which we at Triveni are well poised to contribute further through a strong portfolio of current and upcoming products."

Triveni Group has a history of over three decades with indigenous design and development of engineered rotary products for various naval platforms and has a long-term vision of supporting the Indian Navy in self-reliance, Sawhney said.

The company is a market leader in engineered-to-order turbo high-speed gears and gearboxes. It is an indigenous approved supplier of engineered products and systems apart from the approved supplier of indigenous marine gearboxes for the Indian Navy and Coast Guard shipbuilding projects, the statement said.