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Haryana Cooperation Minister Dr. Banwari Lal said that the state government will establish ethanol plants in all cooperative sugar mills with an investment of 2000 crore rupees. This initiative aims to mitigate losses and enhance the economic sustainability of these mills. In addition, it is also proposed to set up compressed biogas plants in cooperative sugar mills.
Dr. Banwari Lal was addressing the farmers during the inauguration of the 68th crushing session of Rohtak Cooperative Sugar Mill at Bhali Anandpur village in Rohtak district.
He said that, a 120-kilo litres per day capacity ethanol plant will be set up in Rohtak Cooperative Sugar Mill, with Meham Cooperative Sugar Mill also being connected to it. The minister said that another ethanol plant with a capacity of 68 kilolitres per day has already been established in Shahabad Cooperative Sugar Mill. He encouraged the farmers to adopt new sugarcane variety CO-15023, recommended by sugarcane experts. Dr. Banwari Lal said this variety gives a sugar recovery rate of 12 to 14 percent and also has the benefit of early commencement of crushing.
He reiterated the government's commitment to farmer welfare, highlighting the proactive measures taken by Prime Minister  Narendra Modi and State Chief Minister Manohar Lal. He said that the government is actively supporting farmers through subsidies for solar pumps and drip irrigation. He reiterated the government's commitment, emphasizing the procurement of 14 crops at minimum support prices. Acknowledging the pivotal role of farmers as the backbone of the economy, he affirmed that numerous decisions and welfare schemes have been implemented for their benefit, reflecting the farmer-friendly approach of the government.
Dr. Banwari Lal also inaugurated the Vita booth within the mill premises.