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PTC Industries Limited has informed exchanges that its wholly owned subsidiary - Aerolloy Technologies Limited - has developed the most advanced casting technology for manufacturing Single Crystal and Directionally Solidified blades and vanes for Aero-engine and Industrial Gas Turbine applications. 

According to the information shared, it has become the first company in India to bring this cutting edge casting technology to the country. The company has set up this manufacturing capability at its Lucknow facility.

This technological know-how makes PTC the only company to have this capability in India and amongst very few in the world. This technology till now has been kept very closely guarded and access to this technology has remained restricted for any country in the developing world," the company said.

This capability and its related infrastructure will enable the company to produce Airfoils (blades and vanes) with complex internal hollow cooling passages while having highly specialized microstructures like Single Crystal or Directionally Solidified.

What are Single Crystal Directionally Solidified Castings?

Single Crystal and Directionally Solidified castings are advanced casting techniques used to manufacture metal components with exceptional strength and resistance to very high temperatures. Using these technologies castings can be produced having a microstructure with no grain boundaries (Single Crystal) or aligned grains (Directionally Solidified). These metallurgical properties in the Airfoil castings significantly enhance their performance in demanding environments such as aircraft engine turbines, where they help improve efficiency and reliability.