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NEW DELHI: Six European countries, including France, England, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, and Germany, are expected to invest in Uttar Pradesh in an effort to grow the state’s economy to $1 trillion, said the stare government in a press release.

According to Invest UP, there are 18 sectors in Uttar Pradesh that are expected to see significant investment from Europe. These industries include energy, retail, chemical, pharmaceuticals, automobile, electronics manufacturing, EV manufacturing, infrastructure, agro and food processing, textiles, defence engineering, technology, manufacturing, agriculture equipment, water management, green house technology, venture capitalist and transport.

“The government is actively engaged in discussions with significant companies operating across all these 18 sectors. Officers from six departments engaged in pursuit to bring investments to the state," the press release added.

Under the direction of chief minister Yogi Adityanath, a special team headed by principal secretary-level officers from six significant state departments has been constituted to engage with European nations to bring in investments.

Additionally, representatives of the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) have also been communicating with European investors. “The Urban Development Department, Textiles Department, Planning Department, Industrial Development Department, Transport Department, and Housing Department are among the six state departments whose officers have been assigned to ‘Mission Europe’," the press release said.

The Chief Minister’s office is monitoring the progress. Additionally, three officers from Invest UP have been working on this project and are in discussions with industry groups from Paris, London, Edinburgh, Brussels, Stockholm, The Hague, Frankfurt, and Munich.

Foreign officials see Uttar Pradesh as a preferable destination for investment, given improved basic infrastructure for industry, solid law and order, improved traffic connectivity, and over 25 new government policies.

“Foreign officials are also seeing UP as a preferable destination for investment, particularly in light of policies like the New Industrial Policy 2022, the EV Policy 2022, the Oxygen Policy 2021, the MRO, MSME, Solar Energy, and Biofuel," the press release added.