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Uttar Pradesh government informed that the state has received investment proposals worth ₹7,12,288 crores from 16 countries. This declaration came after a team of ministers and officials from UP's global tour invited entrepreneurs, companies, and institutions from all over the world to invest in the state.

In an official statement, the government said the team organized roadshows in 21 cities of 16 different countries during the course of their tour ahead of the proposed Global Investors Summit in Lucknow on February 10 to 12, 2023, according to ANI news.

After returning from the tours on Thursday, the ministerial groups presented details of the investment proposals received before Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and shared the experience of their tour.

Chief Minister reviewed the preparations for organizing the Global Investors Summit with the cabinet members and senior officials of the government in the state.

"This is the first time after independence that a team from Uttar Pradesh went on a global tour with the aim to invite investors from all over the world," said CM Yogi, as quoted by ANI.

The chief minister said that their action plan to invite investors from all over the world to invest in Uttar Pradesh before the Global Investors Summit has got a tremendous response.

"It is a matter of great pleasure that roadshows in 16 countries have paved the way for the investment of more than ₹7.12 lakh crores so far," he stated.

Adding that the extensive investment will create employment opportunities, which will directly benefit the youth of the state, he said, "Investment proposals worth ₹4 lakh crore have been received from the United Kingdom and the United States of America alone. This success of the roadshow abroad has ensured that the upcoming Global Investors Summit 2023 in Uttar Pradesh is going to be a historic event."

According to CM Yogi, Global Investor Summit - 2023 will become a major base in fulfilling the goal of making the state an economy of USD 1 trillion.

He also directed officials to complete the necessary process by communicating with the industrial groups with whom MoU is under process.

"After January 15, once again follow-up visits can be made to some countries as per the requirement. All investors will be invited to the proposed GIS in February, and they would be provided with all possible arrangements," he added.

He said that during G2G and B2G meetings abroad, along with Noida, Greater Noida, etc. areas of western Uttar Pradesh, many industrial groups have expressed eagerness to invest in cities like Gorakhpur, Kashi, Prayagraj, Aligarh, Lucknow, Kanpur, etc.

Sectors in which the investors have shown interest include hospitality, food processing, drugs & pharma, medical devices, chemical, tourism, logistics-warehousing, green hydrogen, EV battery manufacturing, MSME, dairy, education, defense and aerospace, semiconductor, drone manufacturing, agriculture, textile, steel manufacturing.

Companies like Dassault, Saffron, Air Liquide, Thomson, Sanmina Corporation, Computing, Silas, HMI Group, Samsung, Ikea, Ericsson, Motherson, NTT Global, Mitsui, have shown enthusiasm for investment in Uttar Pradesh, he said.

"A letter of gratitude will be written on my behalf to the Ambassadors/High Commissioners of all 16 countries," he said.

All the groups that had returned from foreign tours submitted detailed reports of their tours to the Chief Minister in the review meeting. They also expressed the need to continue the global tour of the Uttar Pradesh team for investment and were also apprised of the expectations of the investors.