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There is excitement in America about the first state visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Prior to his visit, several US lawmakers described India as a better future partner than China. Republican MP Richard McCormack said that today India has capabilities like China in the field of production, while Democratic Party MP Sheila Jackson Lee said that PM Modi’s visit has many expectations.

India is today a major force in industrial production

I think many people in America have not understood the importance of American policies regarding India. For this it is important for PM Narendra Modi to come to America and have dialogue. If someone is not understanding the importance of India today, then perhaps he has not understood the power hidden in large demography and the potential of industrial production. India has the same potential in manufacturing as China. We can have a friend like India as a partner instead of China. A country that follows the rules of the World Trade Organization, does not break them. In whose mind the idea is not to establish its dominance in the world, but to work together with other countries.

Richard McCormack (Republican in the House of Representatives, Georgia, 6th Congressional District)

Will listen to PM Modi with high hopes

I consider Indo-US relations to be of paramount importance to my country. This relationship is very important not only for both the countries, but for our whole world. That is why we are eagerly waiting for PM Modi’s address to the joint session of Congress. We people’s representatives are working according to the wishes of our people, Prime Minister Modi has also done a good job for his people. We all want democracy all over the world, we want to have good business relations with each other, of course we have good business relations with India.

– Buddy Carter (Republican Congressman, House of Representatives, Georgia)

India-America know how to discuss

Many expectations are being raised from this visit of the Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy. This will revive the long standing friendship between the two based on the values ​​of non-violence, democracy and caring for one’s people. There are always some diplomatic concerns between different countries as well, which they should keep discussing. The good thing is that we have access to India and India has access to us. We know how to discuss our issues. The entire Parliament is looking forward to PM Modi’s address to the US Parliament, both houses will be involved in it. This is an important opportunity, we will be a part of it.

Sheila Jackson Lee (Democrat in the House of Representatives, Texas)

Modi will tell the role of overseas Indians

Washington. PM Narendra Modi will talk about the role of the Indian diaspora in India’s development when he addresses Indian-Americans here next week. Dr. Bharat Barai, a community leader who hosted the event, said that all tickets for the event have been sold out, and registration for all 838 seats has also been completed.