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The central government is looking to position India as the global source for the health sector through the ‘Heal by India’ initiative, The Economic Times reports.

The Union Health Ministry recently conducted a two-day long ‘Chintan Shivir-Heal By India’ event.

Provision of the necessary facilities to ensure that the Indian health sector becomes a global source was one of the key issues pondered upon during the event.

“The two-day Chintan Shivir included positioning India as a global source for quality talent for international employers, facilitating gateways for global employment for resident human resources for health and attracting global talent to receive quality education from our educational institutions in the health sector,” a senior official from the Union Health Ministry told the ANI.

Improvement of primary and tertiary healthcare and overall strengthening of the medical infrastructure in the country will be focused upon in greater detail subsequently.

Accordingly, discussions are also underway to address the global shortage of doctors by providing aspiring doctors across the world an opportunity to study in India.