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ZekiTek aims to supply integrated renewable energy and electric charging solutions in India, particularly to remote communities

Brisbane-based renewable energy technology company ZekiTek is assessing the Indian market and plans to shift its manufacturing facility from the Australian city to India, the company's Indian-origin CEO Rikesh Ram said on Friday.

The company, which also manufactures electrical charging systems, aims to supply an integrated renewable energy generation ecosystem as well as electric charging solutions in India.

"We want to help communities, especially those in remote regions, with mobile and portable power systems," Ram said at the sidelines of the 2024 Clean Economy Investor Forum, organised under the auspices of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) here June 5-6.

Once remotely located communities get access to power, they would be able to connect to networks covering health and education, and other services, he added.

According to Ram, ZekiTek has already identified a potential investor in Gujarat. Once regulatory approvals and certifications are obtained, ZekiTek will start raising funds and shift its manufacturing facility from Brisbane to India.

The ZekiTek CEO sees huge potential for green and clean energy in India.

ZekiTek's ZekiGen system taps solar and wind energy to generate electricity and offers direct connections without requiring high investments in the distribution network, Ram explained.

ZekiGen systems are designed to operate 24 hours a day, generating and storing power through an in-built vertical wind turbine and solar panels, he said, adding that the system is also designed to tap wind energy created by fast-moving vehicular traffic in urban areas.

Besides, Ram said, the company is studying the potential of supplying DC (direct current) systems of 2 Kwh for two- and three-wheeler electric vehicles as well as replacing diesel-powered generators.

At present, ZekiTek is undertaking a pilot project in Fiji in partnership with the Australian government's Market Development Facility.