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Denmark, close on the heels of its decision to construct an artificial island in the North Sea and use it as a clean energy hub, is exploring wind energy hubs along Indian coasts. The proposal is expected to get a push at a high-level meet in near future and a Special Purpose Vehicle for the same can also be considered.

When built, the Danish island will supply both clean power to homes and green hydrogen for use in shipping, aviation, industry and heavy transport. The planned island, which will be located 80 kilometres off Denmark's west coast, will initially be 120,000 square meters in size, bigger than 18 standard football fields.

"The energy hub in the North Sea will be the largest construction project in Danish history'', Danish Climate Minister Dan Joergensen told a recent press briefing. "It will make a big contribution to the realization of the enormous potential for European offshore wind,'' he informed.

The hub will be operated by 2033 and the first phase of the project is expected to cost around $33.87 billion. Denmark, with its favorable wind speeds, was a pioneer in both onshore and offshore wind, building the world's first offshore wind farm almost 30 years ago. Denmark gets 40% of its electricity from wind power. The nation is also home to the world's largest wind turbine producer, Vesta Wind Systems and the world's top developer of offshore wind, Orsted AS. 

In his 'virtual' summit with Danish Prime Minister Mette Fredericksen last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed the issue of wind energy. A wind farm will take at least five years to develop, but every thousand megawatts could produce enough power for one million (or ten lakh) households.

The blades for the modern windmills could be manufactured in India and exported elsewhere. After the initial investments which would be big the advantage is the low cost of production of wind energy and boost renewable energy.