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Pune: NTT Corp. will collaborate with Tokyo Century Corp. on its data centre business in India, Japanese telecom-to-technology firm said on Wednesday.

NTT Global Data Centers Holding Asia will divest 75% of its shares in NTT Global Data Centers Holding Asia BOM8 (SPV) to Tokyo Century and will jointly own the data centre’s assets currently held by NTT Global Data Centers Holding BOM8 Pvt. Ltd (BOM8), a 100% subsidiary of the SPV. This will allow NTT to expand its data centre business by improving investment efficiencies and amplifying NTT’s full-stack services for the data centre.

Through this model, Tokyo Century will provide financial services that contribute to resolving social issues towards establishing a robust business portfolio and expanding global businesses with high growth potential, said the company in a press release.

Data centre demand is expected to continue to grow worldwide, and NTT aims to maximise investment efficiency and accelerate data centre business investments. Tokyo Century will be the first joint investor in NTT's data centre business.

The data centre market in India is expected to grow rapidly due to the incoming 5G telecom technology and growth in the country’s e-commerce market.