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Tata Consultancy Services has partnered with Transnet Port Terminals in South Africa to help the latter develop an integrated online marketplace platform by bringing together cargo owners, shipping lines, clearing and forwarding agents, and road/rail haulers. TPT is part of Transnet SOC Ltd, a state-owned freight transport and handling company.

TPT partnered with TCS NSE 1.23 % to create a new platform named 'Cargo Connect', which will function as an online logistics marketplace where customers can submit logistics related requests and allow service providers to bid online.

Customers will be able to select the preferred proposal and award the cargo contract to that bidder, according to a TCS statement on Monday.

This will make the entire request and bid selection process completely transparent. The platform will also help customers remotely track the cargo at every point of the container journey and send automated alerts with critical information, whenever a cargo event occurs, it said.

Expected to be ready in 12 months, the Cargo Connect marketplace will reshape the industry and drive TPT's growth, the statement added.