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NEW DELHI: Essar Group and Fulcrum BioEnergy Ltd on Monday announced a 600 million pounds waste-to-fuel plant in North West of England that will convert non-recyclable household waste into aviation fuel for use by airlines.

"This innovative bio-refinery will convert several hundred thousand tonnes of pre-processed waste, which would have otherwise been destined for incineration or landfill, into approximately 100 million litres of low carbon sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) annually," they said in a statement.

The project, which will see an investment of approximately 600 million pounds, will use Fulcrum's proven waste-to-fuel process, which is already being deployed at its pioneering facility outside of Reno, Nevada in the US, where operations are due to begin later this year.

Essar owns and operates the Stanlow oil refinery which produces over 16 per cent of the UK's road transport fuel annually.

"Essar Oil (UK) Ltd (Essar) is delighted to join forces with Fulcrum BioEnergy Ltd (Fulcrum) and Essar's subsidiary company Stanlow Terminals Ltd to create a new facility that will convert non-recyclable household waste into SAF for use by airlines operating at the UK airports," the statement said.

The development will see Fulcrum, whose parent is based in California, US, construct, own and operate the plant within Essar's Stanlow Manufacturing Complex in the North West of England.

This will be the first Fulcrum plant outside the US.

"Essar will assist with the blending and supply the new SAF to airlines, with Stanlow Terminals Limited providing product storage and logistics solutions for the project under a long-term agreement," it said.

The Fulcrum venture will complement Essar's wider plans to build a green energy industrial cluster at the Stanlow site.

Earlier this year, it announced its participation in the production of blue hydrogen under the HyNet project.

The project, which will fully integrate Essar, Stanlow Terminals Ltd and Fulcrum assets and technology, is part of a number of innovative solutions at Stanlow designed to cut carbon emissions and contribute to the UK Government's Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution.

The ambitious plan sets firm foundations to accelerate the UK's path to net zero while transforming the economy, boosting employment and delivering growth.

"The Stanlow project, named Fulcrum NorthPoint, will create 800 direct and indirect jobs during the design, build and commissioning process and over 100 permanent jobs during its operation.

"Plans for Fulcrum NorthPoint are expected to be complete at the end of this year and subject to planning consent, will be operational in late 2025," the statement said.

This new development promises to lead the way to a cleaner and more sustainable future in the North West and change the way aviation fuel is made to help decarbonise the UK.

By using SAF derived from residual domestic household and commercial waste, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced significantly on a lifecycle basis when compared to fuels produced from conventional crude oil.

Such emission reductions are approximately 70 per cent and have the future potential to be fully carbon neutral. In addition, SAF produced at the site offers a 90 per cent reduction in particulates, which may benefit local air quality in and around airports.

Stein Ivar Bye, Chief Executive Officer, Essar Oil UK, said: "Stanlow has produced high-quality energy products for over 60 years and we intend to remain a key national supplier of energy for the UK into the future."

"Our sights are firmly set on helping to drive the UK's decarbonisation strategy. This landmark development supports our long term sustainability ambition to deliver the energy solutions of the future and position Stanlow as the UK's leading sustainable aviation fuel hub."