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NEW DELHI : Japan’s Yamanashi Hydrogen Co. is looking to invest in India to set up a hydrogen electrolyzer manufacturing facility, a senior Japanese government official said.

The development is good news for India as it addresses two key issues—a global supply crunch of electrolyzers and a lack of domestic manufacturers to make them. Electrolyzers are key equipment needed to produce green hydrogen by breaking water into hydrogen and oxygen.

“An engineering team from Yamanashi Hydrogen will come to India in November to study the need and potential for green hydrogen and electrolyzers in the country and the infrastructure for such production. They will also test their hydrogen electrolyzer here," South Asia representative of Japan’s ministry of economy, trade and industry Takuma Otaki said in an interview.

An emailed query to Yamanashi Hydrogen in Japan outside office hours did not elicit a response immediately.

Otaki, who also serves as the director of the Japanese External Trade Organization’s offices in New Delhi, said that Yamanashi Hydrogen was looking at the possibility of setting up hydrogen electrolyzer factories in India jointly with a domestic entity.

While Otaki did not spell out possible joint venture partners in India, analysts tracking the sector said that talks for an electrolyzer facility would be explored with state-run refiners who have already planned joint ventures with foreign companies manufacturing the equipment.