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New Delhi: Facebook is committed to investing in India for the long term and continues to build tools for businesses to help them build and grow their online presence, a top company official said. Speaking to , Facebook Chief Revenue Officer David Fischer said the company has made investments and undertaken some unique bets that it hasn't done in any other part of the world.

"One of the things that really stands out about India is the pace of innovation, and transformation that's happening here and the impact that it is having. And that's the reason that we are making special investments, we've set up a special structure for India and doing some things in India that we haven't done anywhere else around the world, making some unique investments and bets," he said.

Facebook is hosting 'Fuel for India 2020', which will see its chief Mark Zuckerberg and Reliance Industries Chairman and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani engage in a conversation around opportunities in India, the way digital can accelerate economic progress, and how small businesses will be a key part of the global recovery going forward.

Fischer noted that India is the only country the company has made minority investments in companies like Meesho and Unacademy, to advance digital innovation.

"Of course, there is our partnership with Jio platforms. The joint focus of both companies is on connecting people, helping digital economy come to life and empowering the more than 60 million small businesses across India with digital tools...So we're really enthusiastic about the opportunities in India," he added.

In April, Facebook had announced an investment of USD 5.7 billion (Rs 43,574 crore) in Jio Platforms.