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NEW DELHI: Ahead of the Global Investors Summit 2023, Israel expressed desire to invest in Uttar Pradesh, the state government said in a press release on Friday. This comes after heels of the Gulf countries that recently showed their interest to invest in the state.

The Uttar Pradesh government is in constant touch with Israel regarding their investment in six sectors of the state, including defence and aerospace, IT, agriculture technology, pharmaceuticals, electronics manufacturing and water management.

“Israel plays an important role in water management in the Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh. It will be an important partner of the state in advancing defence and aerospace industry of the state as well," the press release added.

Uttar Pradesh will have six nodes of the defence corridor, an important project of the central government aimed to achieve self-reliance in defence manufacturing in India located within the state. “Israel can play major role in this. Besides, Israeli companies can also introduce new technologies to boost the state’s agriculture," the press release said.

Israel’s Ambassador to India Naor Gillon recently hinted at the possibility of big investment in UP. He said that Israel is ready for an important partnership with UP in areas like IT, security and defence infrastructure. “Many Israeli projects are already underway in Uttar Pradesh. The ongoing projects to eliminate the water problem in Bundelkhand are one of them. Israel is very progressive in hi-tech system and innovation."

Officials of the Uttar Pradesh government are in constant contact with industries in Israel’s big industrial cities like Tel Aviv and Haifa. “The government is gearing up take the talks with some IT companies based in Israel’s Silicon Valley to the final stage. On behalf of the government, officials of the Agriculture and Irrigation Department are also ready to finalize the deal with Israel," the press release added.