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Chennai|Bengaluru: US-based conversational artificial intelligence platform for HR and IT issues, Moveworks, is entering the Indian market and is planning to double its headcount here in the next six months.

“We already have 20 employees in place. They're doing some ground-breaking research and development on our product on our platform,” founder Bhavin Shah said.

Before the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, Moveworks had around 135 employees on board, and two years later, the company has around 500 employees across the US, Europe and the Middle East, besides India.

“Our goal is to really make India a new headquarters for us,” Shah said.

The company has so far raised around $300 million, including $200 million in its seed round in June 2021. After the fundraising, Moveworks was valued at $2.1 billion.

“We have plans to expand into Asia … but first and foremost, the reason for employing our efforts and resources in India is to leverage the engineering talent here,” Shah said.

The company that counts LinkedIn, Broadcom and Docusign among its customers is planning to onboard several Indian companies.

Talking of India-specific plans and features in the platform, Shah said the company was investing in expanding its existing multi-lingual support features.

“Investment in supporting the way that people speak and understand is really a central part to us. So, whether you know English or you speak Hindi, etc., I think we're focused on helping every employee around the world,” he said.