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New Delhi: Sterlite Technologies has collaborated with Facebook Connectivity to design and develop 4G and 5G radio products, as part of the Evenstar program to help accelerate commercial deployment of 'Open RAN' and boost 5G readiness for operators.

The Evenstar programme is a collaborative effort by Facebook Connectivity and global industry partners to speed up the adoption of Open RAN technology.

Sterlite Technologies recently launched a suite of open networking products, covering 5G wireless products like Garuda (indoor small cells), 5G multi-band macro radios and Wi-Fi6 carrier-grade access solutions. The offerings are being tested with top tier telecom firms in the US, the UK and Asia Pacific. Through the latest collaboration, Sterlite Technologies would build two advanced, high-power macro radio products.

Open RAN, or open radio access network, architecture is industry terminology for interoperability and standardisation of radio access network elements, including products and software from various vendors.