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In a first, the Ministry of Railways has directed its production unit, the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennai to manufacture two high-speed trains capable of achieving speeds of 250 kilometres per hour (kmph). This directive, issued by the Railway Board on June 4, 2024, is part of the production programme for the financial year 2024-25.
These high-speed trains, designed with a steel body, will have a maximum speed of 250 kmph and a running speed of 220 kmph, and will be constructed on a standard gauge. 

According to railway officials, the new trains will be developed on the Vande Bharat platform, in line with the Railways’ initiative to enhance the speed of future Vande Bharat trains. Each train will consist of eight coaches.
Over the past year, the Railways has been developing a test track for standard gauge trains in Rajasthan. This track aims to assess the Railways’ capabilities in high-speed train development and facilitate the export of Vande Bharat trains, which must be converted from broad gauge to standard gauge, the globally accepted standard.

Let's take a look at the countries with renowned expertise in manufacturing high-speed trains:
Japan: Shinkansen  
Japan is known for its Shinkansen, commonly known as bullet trains, which have set the benchmark for high-speed rail technology globally. Operational since 1964, Shinkansen trains can travel at speeds up to 320 kmph, known for their punctuality, safety, and advanced technology.

France: TGV   
France’s TGV (Train a Grande Vitesse) trains are iconic in high-speed rail travel. Operating at speeds exceeding 300 kmph, these trains have been a symbol of technological prowess and efficiency since their introduction in 1981. The TGV network spans across France and neighbouring countries as well.

Germany: ICE  
Germany’s ICE (InterCity Express) trains are a prime example of high-speed rail technology. Known for their engineering excellence and comfort, these trains can reach speeds of up to 300 kmph, connecting major cities across Germany and extending into neighbouring countries.

China: CRH380A  
China has rapidly expanded its high-speed rail network over the past two decades, developing some of the fastest trains in the world. The CRH380A trains, capable of speeds up to 380 kmph, exemplify China’s commitment to high-speed rail travel, with the world's largest high-speed rail network.