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An Apparel, Accessories and Home Textiles sourcing Company. Our umbrella of services includes product sourcing, product development, vendor sourcing and development, design interpretation and translation, in-house quality assurance, production and process management and shipping and logistics management. We specialise in supply chain development and management allowing us to gain better control over our order execution. Having a pan India vendor base helps us to effectively manage our clients diverse product needs. An office in Delhi and Tirupur along with QA presence in Karur and Mumbai ensures we are always close to the factory and to our product. Concept Clothing has a team of professionals spread across India and a dedicated Design team in Paris and Barcelona. We constantly evolve with emerging market trends to develop new designs and offer best sellers. Our research brings insightful market information to our customers about competitive brands which help them in building differentiating advantages. Our passion for Textiles and our enthusiasm for creativity and innovation binds us together in our pursuit of higher goals.

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