Industrial Area Details

Industrial Area Bhurkalkhapa

Seoni, Madhya Pradesh

  • Name of Park

    Industrial Area Bhurkalkhapa

  • Industry Type

    Industrial Area

  • Location

    Seoni, Madhya Pradesh

  • Industrial Area Size

    676.90 Hectare

  • Connectivity
  • Air

    Nearest Airport – Nagpur 125 Km

  • Rail

    Nearest Railway Station – Nagpur 125 & Jabalpur – 145 Km & Broad gagerail line proposed, passing through the I/A

  • Road

    Nearest Bus Stand – Seoni 5 Km

  • Automobiles

  • Building products

  • Leather & Leather Products

  • Metals and Mining

  • Paper & Forest Products

    • Bank/ATM
    • Concrete roads/ roads
    • Fire detection and Fire fighting
    • Health Care Center
    • Power Supply
    • Restaurant/Canteen
    • Security
    • Water Supply

INDUSTRIAL LAND BANK 201677  Developed Industrial Area: Bhurkalkhapa, Seoni Industrial Area Bhurkalkhapa is in Seoni district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is multi-product industrial area  with total  land  of 676.9  hectares.  

Out of  which  60.780 hectares  of  land is  developed  while the  rest  land is undeveloped. The Industrial Area Bhurkalkhapa is located near North South Corridor. Seoni district is primarily a tribal dominated  area.  The district  name  has been  originated  from the  word “SEONA”, a species  of tree  belonging  to the  verbana leal family which was commonly found in this area. The wood of this tree is used in manufacture of “DHOLAK”.