Supplier Assessment

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Supplier Qualification & Assessment

Supplier Qualification and Assessment Services of Industry Experts help affirm that your suppliers comply with your stated high standards of quality, safety, security or environmental & social matters and are able to meet the required qualification standards and regulatory compliance.

Industry Experts can assist in engaging highly qualified independent auditors with specific industry and business knowledge, based on your needs and specifications, who evaluate supplier in terms of manufacturing facility, process and product control, quality and risk management, health and safety, or, any number of additional criteria which helps you ensure that you engage with the best suppliers meet your quality standards and safeguard your reputation.

An important advantage is that these auditors are immediately operational and more cost-effective than developing your own equivalent internal supplier audit team.

Engaging our Supplier Qualification and Assessment Services you ensure that your supplier:

  • Meets global industry standards
  • Complies with the relevant local, national and international regulations
  • Adheres to the stated specific criteria on processes & quality standards