Location Identification & Selection

Industry Setup

Location Identification & Selection

Our Location Identification and Selection Services help determine the best location options for Industry Setup keeping in mind your Project Specifications.

We provide you with best possible location options by assessing following factors:
  • 1) Industry Specific Government Regulations / Entry Barriers
  • 2) Location Infrastructure and Facilities
  • 3) Topography
  • 4) Available Space
  • 5) Availability of Resources (Raw Materials, Skilled & Unskilled Labor)
  • 6) Transport Facilities
  • 7) Financial Facilities
  • 8) Target Markets
1) Industry Specific Government Regulations / Entry Barriers:

Here we will assess Industry Specific Government Regulations, Local Regulatory Structures, Environmental Laws, Registrations & Licenses, Manufacturing Policies & Procedures, Trade Laws & facilities (eg: Dry Ports), Taxes, Duties, Tariffs & Exemptions, Zoning Laws and Construction laws.

2) Location Infrastructure and Facilities

We study the Infrastructure and various facilities available/provided by Government at any given location and assess whether it meets the requirements for the said project. This would include infrastructure & facilities pertaining to Road, Electricity, Water, Communication / telecommunication, Standard Buildings/Sheds if available, Warehousing Facilities, Dry Ports and any other Industry specific technical resources (hardware & software resources) which may be required. We would also be looking at amenities available in and around the area like residential complexes, Hospitals, connectivity factors, Airports/railroads, markets etc…

3) Topography

We conduct a study of the natural and artificial features of the available land with the objective of gathering information essential to the planning and construction of specific project.

4) Available Space

We gather information with regards to available Plots and Plot Sizes to ascertain whether a particular Industrial Location has the required land space for Project Setup

5) Availability of Resources (Raw Materials, Skilled & Unskilled Labor)

We will assess whether a particular location can fulfill the Industry Specific Raw Material requirements and also Man Power requirements (skilled & unskilled labor)

6) Transport Facilities

We will assess Transport facilities for raw materials, good and human resources available at any given location and its accessibility to Airports, Railroads, Ports.

7) Financial Facilities

We assess available Funding and Investments Opportunities as also Banking Services available at location to see whether they meet Financial Operational requirements of the Project.

8) Target Markets

We assess Target Markets accessibility for the goods and services, market proximity, accessibility, logistics, supply chains etc….

This entire study will help in identifying the best possible locations for a proposed project.