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Land Acquisition

We provide Expert End to End Industrial Land Acquisition Services to acquire Land, Building or Shed in Industrial Areas, Industrial Parks or Special Economic Zones throughout India.

Our Land Acquisition services include facilitating allotments directly from various Industrial Authorities of Industrial Areas, Parks or Special Economic Zones or facilitating purchases of Industrial property in Resale from an existing owner if the required property is not available for allotment directly from the concerned Industrial Authority.

Once the specific location (Industrial Area, Park or Special economic Zone) which meets required criteria has been identified we will move forward with the Land Acquisition Process which starts with determining & negotiating the Best Rates, assessing Add On Costs & available sizes.

For Direct Allotments our Services include facilitation of (but not limited to) the following:

Direct Liaison with Competent Authorities of Industrial Area, Park or Special Economic Zone for Land/Building/Shed Acquisition, cost negotiations, documentation, approvals, clearances, lease/registry documentation.

For Resale Acquisitions our services include facilitation of (but not limited to) the following:

Valuations of Land/Building/Shed, Cost Negotiations with Seller, Assessment of Property Records, Title Search & Title Certificates, Checks for Legal Disputes, Mortgages & Loans, Clearances, Approvals, Documentation and Registration.

Our team of professional experts will ensure a smooth, safe and hassle free Land Acquisition process.