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Feasibility studies

We undertake Feasibility studies for any company interested in setting up Industry in India. Our Feasibility Study analyses all relevant factors concerning setting up of the project which includes Technical & Operational Feasibility, Legal Feasibility, Scheduling Feasibility, Economic Feasibility, Financial Feasibility all of which is crucial for the company management to ascertain the perfect location for the project, project viability, discern pros & cons and evaluate the project’s potential for success before moving ahead with the undertaking.

Determining how well a potential site will work for a project is one of the primary goals of conducting the feasibility studies before buying land or building in a particular site.

A dedicated team of expert service professionals engaged in all branches of Industry will conduct the feasibility studies in close coordination with company management to understand all the specification of the said project.

Here are the areas which our Feasibility studies will cover.

Technical & Operational Feasibility:

This Study will focus on the Land / Building Topography, Infrastructure, Technical Resources (hardware & software resources), Man Power (skilled & unskilled labor), Transportation Facilities and Urban Facilities available in & around a particular location to determine whether they meet the requirements of the Project.

Legal Feasibility:

This study will focus on the Industry specific Government Regulations, Local Regulatory Structure, Environmental Laws, Registrations & Licenses, Trade & Manufacturing Policies & Procedures, Duties, Tariffs & Exemptions, Zoning Laws, Construction laws and Data Protection acts or Social Media Laws to assess the project’s feasibility & viability at any given location.

Scheduling Feasibility:

This study will focus on assessing / projecting the timelines for project completion keeping in mind Project Specifications, Plan layouts & drawings, Registrations, Licenses, Approvals, Finance, Construction, Plant & Machinery & Transportation. This information is also crucial towards deciding the launch of a project since its completion time directly impacts various aspects of operation and sales.

Economic Feasibility:

This assessment helps companies determine project viability before financial resources are allocated. As this study involves a cost and benefits analysis of the project, it helps decision-makers determine the positive economic benefits to the organization that the proposed project will provide.

Financial feasibility:

This study will focus on assessing funding & investments possibilities and opportunities for the project. Resources to procure capital, Banks, Financing, Investors, Venture Capitalists and Return on investment

Importance of a Feasibility Study lies in providing crucial data to decision makers which help them in assessing the feasibility & viability of the Project, identify appropriate location, and understand the Internal & External constraints the proposed project may face, all of which will help in making appropriate decisions best suited for the project.