Operations Support

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Operations Support

Operations Support Services are centered on identifying the best industry specific Service providers/Suppliers/Manufacturers of Technology, Human Resource, Raw Materials, Plant & Machinery and other Goods & Services for smooth Business Operations.

Industry experts can assist in identifying best resources to fulfill:

Technology Requirements: Software Development, Installation & Management, Office Automation, Data Entry & Storage, Cyber Security, Hardware, Telecommunications, Internet Services

Human Resource Requirements: Executive, Administrative, Skilled and Unskilled Personnel & Staff, Employee Management Support

Raw Materials, Goods & Services requirements for Production, based on Quality, Volume, Logistics and Costs.

Plant & Machinery Suppliers & Manufacturers based on Expertise, Quality, Cost, After Sale Services, Company Profile and Work History

Goods & Services Requirements: General Office Equipment, & Supplies, Furniture, Stationary, Courier Services, Transport Logistics, General and Cost Accounting, Back Office Support