Registrations, Approvals & Licenses

Industry Setup

Registrations, Approvals & Licenses

Setting up an enterprise requires the adherence to and compliance with Government Regulations and Statutory Requirements depending upon type of Industry.

These require obtaining the relevant Clearances, Approvals, Certifications, Registrations and Licenses from the respective regulatory departments before, during the facility erection and after commencement of operations.

The designated team of professionals will identify all such statutory requirements for the specific Industry Type, liaison with all concerned departments and facilitate procurement of all necessary Clearances, Approvals, Certifications, Registrations and Licensing for the fulfilment of all requirements to setup the manufacturing facility and Commencement of Operations.

These would include but not be limited to such Industry Specific Statutory Clearances, Approvals, Certifications, Registrations & Licenses required by Law:

  • Bar (Alcohol)
  • Clinical
  • Chemical
  • Drug
  • Explosives
  • Environmental
  • ESI / EPF
  • Factory
  • Forest
  • Food
  • Fire
  • Industrial
  • Labor
  • Manufacturing
  • Safety
  • Trade
  • Tax
  • Company Incorporation /Registration
  • Association Formation & Registration
  • Shop / Commercial / Establishment
  • Association Memberships
  • ISO Certifications
  • Co- Operative
  • Trusts