Industrial Area Details

Industrial Area Hargarh

Industrial Area, Madhya Pradesh

  • Name of Park

    Industrial Area Hargarh

  • Industry Type

    Industrial Area

  • Location

    Industrial Area, Madhya Pradesh

  • Industrial Area Size

    289.840 Hectare

  • Connectivity
  • Air

    Nearest Airport – Jabalpur 55 Km.

  • Rail

    Nearest Railway Station – Sihora 07 Km. & Jabalpur 50 Km.

  • Road

    Nearest Bus Stand – Sihora 05 Km.

  • Beverages

  • Building products

  • Chemicals

  • Construction & Engineering

  • Food and Agro Products

  • Leather & Leather Products

  • Paper & Forest Products

  • Textile, Apparel & Accesssories

    • Bank/ATM
    • Concrete roads/ roads
    • Fire detection and Fire fighting
    • Health Care Center
    • Power Supply
    • Restaurant/Canteen
    • Security
    • Water Supply

Industrial Area Hargarh is in Jabalpur district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

 It is multi-product industrial area with  289.840 hectares  situated  on Jabalpur-Sihora-Pan  Umaria  road. 

Jabalpur  District  is located  in  the Mahakoshal  region  of Madhya  Pradesh,  on the  divide  between the  watersheds  of Narmada  and  the Son but  mostly  within the  valley of the Narmada, which here runs through the famous gorge known as the Marble rocks, and falls 30 ft. over a rocky ledge (the Dhuandhar, or misty shoot). 

The main available minerals are dolomite, Iron, Fire clay, Manganese, Marble, Murram and sand.