Industrial Area Details


Nashik, Maharashtra

  • Name of Park


  • Industry Type

    Industrial Area

  • Location

    Nashik, Maharashtra

  • Industrial Area Size

    635.76 Hectare

  • Automobiles

  • Biotechnology / Pharmaceutical / Life Sciences Tools & Services

  • Chemicals

  • Electronic Equipment, Instruments & Components

  • Food and Agro Products

  • IT Services (ITES)/Software

  • Luxury Goods

  • Textile, Apparel & Accesssories

    • Bank/ATM
    • Concrete roads/ roads
    • Fire detection and Fire fighting
    • Health Care Center
    • Power Supply
    • Restaurant/Canteen
    • Security
    • Water Supply

Nashik is an industrial area in Maharashtra, a state in western India. 

Minerals: Sand, Murum, Stone and clay are available in abundance, which can be suitably used for construction of roads and building. The total production from the forests as on date was Rs. 342.38 lakhs out of which 74.65% is received from timber and Firewood, and 25.35% is received from Bidi leaves, Gum, Hirda Beetel nut, Bamboo, etc.

Industrial Plots per sq. mtr: 4400

Commercial Plots per sq. mtr:12870

Residential Plots per sq. mtr:7700

Sufficient water is available from the Gangapur dam through the existing at Anandwali feeder. A common water supply scheme is available to cater 24 MLD of water for Satpur industrial area.

Connectivity A dedicated electronic exchange having 10,000 lines was commissioned in Satpur Industrial Area.

Satpur is powered by a 33/11 KV -10 MVA, 120 MVA and a 132/33-11 KV substations within the industrial area.

Major Exportable Items: Electrical Assembly, Electronic Controller, Electrical pumps, Synthetic Resin, Grape Wine, Pharmaceutical etc. 

Growth Trend:
• Setting up of the Mega Industrial Area, which is one of the biggest in Asia, will bring about miracle growth in industrialization in Nashik region.
• Establishment of ‘Wine Park’ by MIDC, will boost the winery sector in future.
• Nashik is well known for grapes and onions. Also it is rich in other horticulture and vegetable resources. Its proper and effective utilization should be made through establishing processing units.
• Fly ash coming out from Thermal Power Station should be utilized for making bricks.

Major Exportable items: Electrical Assembly, Electronic Controller, Electrical pumps, Synthetic Resin, Grape Wine, Pharmaceutical etc.

Details of Major Clusters: 1.1 Manufacturing Sector:1. Raisin Making Cluster2. Paithani Saree:3. Wine Making:4. Silver Ornament Cluster5. Textile Cluster