Industrial Area Details


Porbandar, Gujarat

  • Name of Park


  • Industry Type

    Industrial Area

  • Location

    Porbandar, Gujarat

  • Industrial Area Size

    193.2 Hectare

  • Connectivity
  • Air

    Porbandar Airport is a public airport in Porbandar, Gujarat, India

  • Rail

    Porbandar lies on the Western Railway network of the Indian railways

  • Road

    Porbandar is linked to the rest of the country through a good road network. There is even a good network of National and State Highways connecting the city.

  • Automobiles

  • Building products

  • Chemicals

  • Construction Materials

  • Electrical Equipment

  • Household Durables

  • Leather & Leather Products

  • Metals and Mining

  • Oil, Gas & Consumable Fuels

  • Paper & Forest Products

  • Textile, Apparel & Accesssories

  • Transportation Infrastructure

    • Bank/ATM
    • Concrete roads/ roads
    • Fire detection and Fire fighting
    • Health Care Center
    • Power Supply
    • Restaurant/Canteen
    • Security
    • Water Supply

Porbandar is an industrial area in the Indian state of Gujarat. In ancient times Porbandar was known to be Pao Bandar, due to its bread factories that used to export Pauruti to Arab nations across Arabian sea. 
Availability Of Minerals: Major minerals: Lime Stone, Bauxite Laterite, Minor: Ordinary Sand, Ordinary Clay , Black Stone. 

Major Exportable Item Fishing Products Growth Trend: There are fish processing units, zing processing units, cold storage for fish , fishing net industries, mosaic tiles industries, Emery abrasive units, cement articles manufacturing units as well as auto servicing units situated in the district. Due to sea shore, the salt manufacturing units have been developed too. The district is abundant with lime stone and other minerals so mines based industries have been developed too, like cement plant , tow ash coke units, bauxite units ,soda ash units.

Infrastructure: Roads, Railways, Sea route, Water, Power, Health Care Services, Banks. 

Porbandar Industry- is basically dependent on the fisheries since it is a port and also carries on trade with the foreign countries through the sea route. Along with the fishing industry there are other industries  too in Porbandar. some of them are mineral industry , machine tool industry, cotton ware industry, telecommunication industry fertilizer industry. Fishing industry   he fishing industry is the major industry in the city, providing job opportunities for the majority of the population. the other industries present in Porbandar are garment, chemical, and aluminum industry.